Welcome to WVS Paraguay - The gateway to South America

Welcome to the World Vape Show, Paraguay

The gateway to South America

The World Vape Show, the fastest growing vape event in the world, is coming to South America. Held in Paraguay on 10-11 March 2023, we are excited to bring you the newest edition of the WVS Series.

We are updating the website daily and so we advise keeping a regular eye on it for the latest show news and information.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Paraguay in March 2023.

WVS upcoming events:

Paraguay: 10-11 March 2023 - Contact Jake / Meet the Buyer: 08-09 May 2023 - Contact Kush / Dubai: 21-23 June 2023 - Contact Jake / Philippines: 07-08 September - Contact Sam

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