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The Eastside Rooms, Birmingham, UK - 08 May 2024


Venue: The Eastside Rooms

An exclusive meeting between industry leading manufacturers and business heads from the largest wholesalers, retailers and distributors in the UK and Europe from the vape and FMCG market...

Day 1:
-9.00am Arrive
-9.00am-10.00am Tea/Coffee (Welcome speeches)
-10.00am (15 minute slots, the bell will ring and you will have 1-2 minutes to wrap up and get to your next meeting). These meetings will give you access to network and have sit down discussions with circa. 50 top suppliers and around 50 of the most influential buyers within the field. Suppliers can discuss their product range & latest launches with decision makers who can help to elevate your ROI. Buyers can discuss the opportunities, scale and channels to market of the most initiative products on offer.
12.30pm-2.00pm Lunch
2.00PM-3.30PM 121 Meetings continued (15 minute slots, 5 minute gap until next meeting)

Breakout sessions:
3.30pm-4.15pm FMCG session
4.15pm-5.00pm Vape session
*There will be networking in the lounge during these sessions for those that are not planning to attend one/either of the above two sessions
- 5.00pm-6.30pm: Check in to room at the Eastside Rooms
- 6.30pm-7.30pm: Networking drinks
- 7.30pm: Three course gala dinner with entertainment and further networking drinks

1.Meetings etiquette: Meetings start at 10.00am sharp, don't be late! There is a 15 minute allowance for your meetings, that includes meeting time and getting to your next one. So, 15 minutes, the bell then rings, so you have 3 minutes to wrap up AND get to your next meeting, ready to start it. We ask you make sure you stick to your meetings and timings. Move quickly once the bell rings, don't be late or not show up and remember, there are other opportunities to meet those you may miss in the 121's, so just enjoy it.
2. This is limited to 100 tickets (50 buyer/50 supplier). All companies present will have to apply for a place which will be qualified internally. Once that has been done, we will be back in contact with you.

3.Price (Supplier only):

- Please contact KUSHAL for more details.

Picture from our most recent Meet the Buyer success in the UK, May 2023


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