A Greener Future for Vaping

Could the disposable sector face being stamped out if it fails to minimise its impact on the planet and earn a green thumbs-up from eco-activists?

Brands face calls to clean up their act, and there is a new offender attracting the attention of environmental activists…disposable vapes.

You wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find a news story that mentions how these ‘colourful tubes’ are so-often discarded on city streets, or an impassioned plea for the so-called wasteful devices to be wiped clean from the Earth.

One of the most vocal figures in the disposable conversation is award-winning climate activist and eco-scientist Laura Young. The ethical influencer was thrust into sustainability stardom after she posted a video of herself hunting down single-use vapes that had been littered along a four-mile stretch of Dundee, Scotland.

The Scottish government has expressed particular concern about the impact of disposables on the planet, launching a consultation on whether the devices should be banned.

Members of the vape community have warned against such a ban, stressing that, while something needs to be done to offset the impact of disposables, the decision to remove them outright would represent a major loss for tobacco control.

John Dunne of the UK Vaping Industry Association – which recently hosted the nation’s first ever environmental summit on vaping – said: “Make no mistake, protecting our planet is a top priority…but it cannot be achieved at the expense of public health.

Read more at: https://www.vapouround.co.uk/


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