Founded in 2016, Vape Stop was India’s largest retailer of electronic cigarettes with an estimated 15% share of the total e cigarette retail market. Vape Stop was a pioneer in the Indian vape market, and was instrumental in crafting the country’s vaping culture. The company was regularly featured in multiple leading newspapers and media channels, and was a preferred platform among vapers. The Indian government decided to ban e cigarettes in the country in late 2019, however Vape Stop took the move in a positive stride and has been working on international expansion starting with UAE. Vape Stop will bring top international vape brands to UAE, along with offering a premium buying experience including superior packaging, customer service, post-delivery care etc. Vape Stop not only offers vape products at a competitive price, but delivers value added services that customers long for.

Vape Stop’s mission is to “Replace combustible cigarettes with electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) for a smoke free future by year 2030, by catering to adult smokers who would otherwise continue smoking combustible cigarettes”. What is also striking about Vape Stop is their strong sense of ethics. They strictly abide by their robust ‘communication policy’ and a seamless age verification system which ensures there are no underage sales. The company even has a policy to not market its platform or any of the products sold on Vape Stop through any kind of paid media promotion or advertisement.

Positioned to become UAE’s leading supplier of vaping products in both the online and offline channel, Vape Stop offers top quality imported devices and flavors that are carefully selected for the UAE market. The selection process is rigorous wherein multiple focus groups are conducted to analyse which e liquids and devices best fit the profile of UAE adult smokers. Vape Stop UAE has also curated special quit-kit combos for novice adult vapers such as ‘Classic Quitter’ and ‘Progressive Adopter’, that come with a pre-set combination of a vape device and e liquids. This makes it easy for such vapers to choose a product, which can otherwise be a daunting task owing to the vast variety of options available. In addition, the company only works with a handful of top brands, which in the case of UAE is set at maximum 12 hardware and 12 e juice brands. This limitation enables Vape Stop in working with the best brands, and also in helping its customers to choose from a limited premium range, thereby avoiding confusion.

With regards to their take on UAE e cigarette regulations, the company surely welcomes the move. “The excise tax imposed is on the higher side which may discourage smaller organizations from entering the market, but overall the government regulating the category under ESMA is a step forward. It was only after the market was regulated in April 2019, that we started our initiative of entering UAE. We are entering multiple other countries in Middle East, Asia and Europe, and we are thrilled about the future prospects in UAE as well”, says Anant Jangwal, founder & CEO at Vape Stop.

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