Keeping teenagers away from smoking has always been a world problem. E-cigarette with blockchain technology could solve this problem well.

How to solve?

Blockchain technology has the characteristics of traceability, information disclosure, and content cannot be changed. An encryption smart chip carries these characteristics into E-cigarette. When the chip in E-cigarette is connected to cellphone via Bluetooth or NFC, we will get the smoking data of consumer’s age, gender, smoking rate, E-liquid preference, etc. However, if a teenager wants to smoke E-cigarettes, he/she can't turn on the E-cigarette at all, because he/she is unable to complete cellphone authentication.

Our technical team has 20 years of experience in the tobacco industry, combined with China's top blockchain technology experts---Mr. Liu zhicong, Second prize winner of national science and Technology Progress Award, will create the best E-cigarette products.

About smart e-cigarette with blockchain technology

Smart e-cigarette with blockchain technology could identify consumer, regulate industry and control health.

First, an encryption smart chip with thickness of 0.3mm has been developed successfully.

Secondly, the chip in E-cigarette transmits information to the cellphone app---WINSOUL+.

Thirdly, WINSOUL+ stores all information in a management and control platform, we call it Winsoul Cloud. Winsoul Cloud realizes data in the chain and control in the cloud, and makes traceability app query on the authenticity, legality and safety of E-liquid, bomb, and E-cigarette, so as to achieve no dead angle supervision.

About our product

Winsoul is also the brand of our E-cigarette. Now, we have two serious Winsoul E-cigarette products that are close pod system, and smart system. For the smart system, we are still optimizing. It is expected that in the end of this year, we will launch the latest version, which will make the government’s supervision of smokers, enterprise’s controlling of market demand and keeping teenagers away from smoking come true.

About us

Yunnan Sparking Science and Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative enterprise that takes traditional cigarette and E-cigarette R&D and sales as its main business, and uses blockchain technology to related products. It is committed to providing you with the best tasting, healthiest E-liquid and most intelligent E-cigarette.

Sparking’s advantage is to obtain the most natural flavor. On the one hand, it is located in Yunnan province which is usually called the “Kingdom of Plants”. Rich resources would be the most natural and healthy raw materials of our E-liquid. On the other hand, the company is adjacent to Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Science, which will lead the company to transform their research achievements in the first time.

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