Future of Vape Conference

50+ experts take to the stage to debate innovations, regulations, and industry outlook across the MENA region. Interested in joining the programme? Contact Rebecca McConnell.

Session topics:

The future of vaping regulations

With vaping so recently legalised in the UAE, make sure you understand the current laws and requirements, product compliance and standards and future plans to help you prepare and protect your business. Experts on Europe, Africa and Asia vape sectors will also present on the rules and regulations to help your business going global.

Global Vaping Perspectives

Get to grips with what’s happening in the vaping industry around the world. What opportunities and challenges are other countries facing and how can we learn from their experiences? Speakers will present on topics including regulation, market size and trends.

Panel discussion: The tobacco industry and the future of vaping

Vaping and e-cigarettes is one of fastest growing industries in the world and remarkably much of this has been driven by small and medium entrepreneurial businesses. As more and more traditional tobacco companies are investing heavily in the market, this panel will explore the role Big Tobacco is playing in vaping and the opportunities this may offer for independent vaping players and public health.

Innovations in vaping: What’s new, what’s next?

Vaping technology is constantly changing and has evolved rapidly from the first generation of “cig-a-likes” back in 2004 to third generation mods & APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers), which allow vapers to fully customise their device. This session will explore exciting new vaping innovations to watch out for and technologies that are set to shape the future of the industry.

UAE vaping market

Join this session to explore the current state of the UAE vaping market, the threats and opportunities it faces so you can navigate your way to success.

Panel discussion: The future of vaping research and public health

Scientific evidence and research has led many government agencies, public health bodies and health charities to hail vaping as a magic bullet to reduce smoking rates. Whilst there is growing evidence of vaping’s benefits to public health versus smoking, more research needs to be done. This panel will look at the where the remaining gaps in evidence are and how we can fill them.

Vaping and the retail sector

Before April 2019 it was against the law for retailers in the UAE to sell e-cigarette products, now the law has changed how can retailers maximise this opportunity? This session will feature representatives from the retail sector in the UAE and experts from around the world. Presentations will explore how suppliers can work with retailers, how the vaping category can drive footfall, sales and profits, what we can learn from specialist outlets, the big retailers plans for the vaping category and how are convenience stores responding.

Building and branding your vape business

Join this session for advice on how to establish your own vape business, promote it and grow it. Expert speakers will be on hand to give your tips, answer your questions to help you expand or start your own business.