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HUSKY is a project of Voodoolab company that has huge success on the market in the vape industry.

More than 7 years of work, the most recognizable liquids and the most famous mascot.

The mission of our company is to provide HIGH QUALITY and UNIQUE TASTE to vaping consumer.

The secret of the brand's success is an EXCLUSIVE FORMULATION of nicotine liquids. The soft, uniquely rich and refreshing taste of the product has managed to win recognition in the market. HUSKY has a huge difference from the rest of the company - WE ARE BASED exclusively on tastes with DOUBLE COLD.

There are already 20 EXCLUSIVE FLAVORS in our assortment and we are not going to stop there.

We offer a wide range of vape juices and innovative disposable electronic devices.

HUSKY is not just electronic cigarettes, it's a real ART OF TASTE.

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